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What's The Problem With Pits?

Texas Parks and Wildlife

A functioning playa provides water to recharge the aquifer. There's also a whole community of wetland plants and invertebrates that need the very shallow water found in a healthy playa. These plants and invertebrates provide food for migrating birds. But when a playa has a pit, it is like "pulling the drain in a bathtub" and it no longer holds water very well. Rehabilitating playas by filling pits restores natural function to those wetlands.


Angela Safranek
Rangeland Mgmt Spec
U.S. Forest Service
Pueblo, CO

Dr. Ken Rainwater
Prof. Civil & Environmental Engineering
Texas Tech University
Lubbock, TX

Grady Grissom
Partner-Rancho Largo Cattle Co.
Fowler, CO

Dr. Anne Bartuszevige
Conservation Science Director
Playa Lakes Joint Venture
Lafayette, CO

Produced by Playa Lakes Joint Venture.