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Allergies Come Early to the High Plains


Last week we reported on how snakes are coming out early this year in Colorado. Now myhighplains.com reports that sneezing and itchy, watery eyes have arrived in the Texas Panhandle earlier than expected. Amarillo has some of the worst pollen levels in the Southern states right now.

One local allergy doctor, Constantine Saadeh, said he is seeing a lot more patients this year because of the extremely high pollen levels. Some of the patients say they haven't suffered from allergies in years.

With the early spring, more pollen will continue to spread. Dr. Saadeh’s prescription? "There is not much you can do but take the medicines, and try to stay indoors between four and eight in the afternoon.” He adds that over-the-counter medications can help relieve symptoms. As the earth continues to warm, expect spring to come earlier than it has in the past. Often, that’s going to mean higher pollen levels, and more sneezing.