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Colorado Supreme Court Outlaws Local Fracking Bans

Bloomberg News

Following Texas’s lead, Colorado’s Supreme Court has ruled that local municipalities in the state are not allowed to ban fracking, according to The Wall Street Journal.Cities like Fort Collins and Longmont had previously sought to halt the controversial drilling technique. But now the state’s high court has deemed those local laws “invalid and unenforceable.”

Northeastern Colorado sits atop a large shale formation, and the issue has been a point of contention in that region for some time. Environmental groups have complained about the health risks and environmental impact of fracking. These entities have sought to ban the practice in areas close to population centers, especially along the Front Range.

After local legislation was passed, the Colorado Oil & Gas Association filed lawsuits seeking to overturn the measures. Longmont Mayor Dennis Coombs said his city will respect the decision. Last year, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a similar law.