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The Lowdown on the Oklahoma Earthquakes

Kool Cats Photography
Flickr Creative Commons

Last week’s 5.6-magnitude earthquake in Oklahoma has now been upgraded to a 5.8, making it the highest magnitude earthquake in the state’s history.

In the wake of this massive quake, CNN Money has published an overview of what we know about these quakes.

Since the beginning of the fracking boom, the state has experienced a 5,000 percent increase in seismic activity. The quakes are believed to be caused by wastewater disposal. In March government scientists said disposal wells have “induced” earthquakes in large areas of the country.  In January, Oklahoma forced 27 disposal wells to reduce fracking activity. Oklahoma also dedicated $1.4 million to fund “research” efforts. The Oklahoma Oil & Gas Association has said their producers will take “significant measures” to combat the earthquakes