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Amarillo Set Several Local Weather Records Last Year

Jeff Kramer
Wikimedia Commons

In 2018, Amarillo has already seen unseasonably warm and blisteringly cold temperatures. That’s no different from last year, when Amarillo set a number of weather records, according to The Amarillo Globe-News.

Parts of the city are still experiencing the longest dry spell in recorded history, and that drought comes after what was the city’s seventh wettest year ever last year.

Last year also saw a record for the warmest day in February and the latest 98-degree day on the calendar. And with an average temperature of 53 degrees, last year saw the warmest November ever in Amarillo. And then there’s that dry spell, which has now gone on for 87 days. The previous record drought lasted for 75 days.

Amarillo Meteorologist Aaron Ward said a winter dry spell like this is a strange anomaly. He noted that the previous record was created during the spring.