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Chronic Wasting Disease Discovered In Panhandle White-Tail Deer

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A white-tailed deer that was struck by a vehicle on US Highway 87 near Dalhart has tested positive for a contagious neurological disorder,reports The Amarillo Globe-News.

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department officials, this is the first instance of a Panhandle white-tail testing positive for chronic wasting disease, and the first instance of the disease appearing in roadkill in the state of Texas.

According to the CDC, chronic wasting disease causes the brains of deer and elk to deteriorate into a spongy formation.

The disease can result in drastic weight loss, stumbling, and eventually death. There have not been any cases of transmission to humans, though the concern exists.

The disease first appeared in the Panhandle three years ago, when it was discovered in a mule deer. This new discovery means the current containment zone will likely be widened.