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Despite Dry Conditions, Fishing In Southeast Colorado As Good Or Better Than Ever

Wikimedia Commons

It may be hard to believe given the dry conditions, but fishing in southeast Colorado is better than ever.

This from the Denver Post.

In years past, prairie lakes like the John Martin, Queens and Adobe Creek reservoirs, were teeming with wiper, crappie, catfish and more. But all of the reservoirs on Colorado’s eastern plains can be susceptible to water level fluctuations due to dry conditions.

But now, more available water and an aggressive stocking program by Colorado Parks and Wildlife is making fishing in southeast Colorado as good or better than ever.

John Martin Reservoir has good populations of white and largemouth bass, channel, flathead and blue catfish, and the crappie population is rebounding.

Other reservoirs like the Nee Noshe, Nee Gronda, Queens and Adobe Creek reportedly have great water levels with strong populations of crappie, catfish and bass.

Two Buttes Reservoir’s water is currently receding but continues to offer largemouth bass fishing, as well as saugeye, wiper and crappie.