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Texas's Power Grid Will Face Even Bigger Challenges During The Coming Summer

public domain via MaxPixel

Texas is hunkering down for another summer of scorching heat—and that will likely mean record-breaking power demand once again.

However, as Houston Public Media reports, the Lone Star State’s backup power reserves will be at an all-time low, unlike last year. And all those air conditioners running full blast across the state could mean massive power outages, including blackouts and brownouts.

This isn’t a new dilemma for Texas. Last year saw record-breaking temperatures and energy demand. But the grid was able to meet the challenge. This year, the state may not be so lucky.

ERCOT, the operator of the grid that controls most of the state, expects demand to reach almost 75,000 megawatts in the coming summer. That number would beat last summer’s record. But this time around, the grid will face the added energy pressure with even lower re