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Texas Report Links Medicaid Enrollment to Education


Is an educated person happier, healthier, more productive, and less likely to go on Medicaid than one who is not?  Bob Wise, president of the Alliance for Excellent Education says yes in a recent piece by KUT News.

A report by the Alliance for Excellent Education said cutting the high school drop out rate in half could save the state of Texas millions of dollars-- as a matter of fact $547 million.  Here's how it breaks the savings down:

  • $70,194,553 in heart disease-related Medicaid savings
  • 143,462,985 in obesity-related Medicaid savings
  • $108,543,656 in alcoholism-related Medicaid savings
  • $146,784,162 in smoking-related Medicaid savings

Chuck DaVore, with the Texas Public Policy Foundation, says the Medicaid link is not about education, but about economics.  Does a person without a degree have the same earning potential as one with a degree?  DaVore also says the Medicaid numbers are related to foreign workers, not high school drop outs.
In a related education story, the Amarillo Globe reports a significant number of high school Seniors in the Panhandle have to pass STAAR tests before they can get their diplomas, giving them the option to further their education.