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Kansas Business Owners Say Taxes are Too High Despite Cuts


Gov. Sam Brownback says Kansas has the best tax environment in the nation for small businesses, however 57% of business owners say state and local taxes are too high despite state tax cuts reported Bryan Lowry for the Wichita Eagle.

300 Kansas business owners were surveyed by the Kansas Chamber of Commerce.  29% said taxes were the biggest issue for businesses.

Pat McFerron is the director of survey research at Cole Hargrave Snodgrass & Associates, the firm that conducted the polling for the Chamber.  McFerron said concern about taxes was higher in the western part of the state. 

Mike O’Neal is the president of the Kansas Chamber of Commerce.  He said it was possible that some of the respondents in the poll may not yet fully understand the extent of the governor’s tax reforms.  

“We’ve frankly been surprised at the delay in the realization at what this tax reform act has really meant,” O’Neal said.  He also said the overall tax burden on business owners is a concern, citing unemployment tax and property taxes.

Three presenters at a small business forum said the state is on the right path toward growing the private sector through tax reform.  Their comments can be found here.