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Texas: Wendy Davis on candidacy, border voters, abortion, and her plans if elected


Democratic-gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis recently appeared on TribLive, a Texas Tribune interview program.  

In that conversation Davis talked about why she’s a better candidate than Abbott and what she’d do as Governor.  She also reflected on Primary Day and the Democrats. 

Davis said she’s not concerned by primary losses in several border counties, and that abortion decisions are between a woman and her doctor.

Davis would not directly answer questions on where she stood on the 20-week abortion ban enacted by the state. 

Davis also said she is a better option for South Texas voters, taking into account the “fairly hostile statements” her Republican opponent Attorney General Greg Abbott has made about the region.

Davis said she isn’t fazed by attacks on her biography or her family, referencing a Dallas Morning News story questioning some of the details of her personal story.

“I’ve been through a lot of tough battles in my life … I knew going into this race that I was going to confront a challenge,” Davis said. “Any amount of mudslinging, any amount of challenge that I go through in the last couple of months and the next eight months … I’m committed to it because I know how much and why it matters.”

The rest of the story written by Alexa Ura for the Texas Tribune can be found here.  You can also watch the entire TribLive conversation at this link.