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Texas Democrats move forward without national support


The Democratic Governors Association is not investing in the Texas Governor’s race this year said the head of the organization.  Despite the fact that the state is a fertile fundraising stop, the money isn’t flowing back into Texas to help turn the state blue reported KUT.

It’s a vicious circle.  It’s difficult for Democrats to run competitive races in Texas, so donors don’t open their pocketbooks.  But, to be competitive requires money.  The cycle along with the refusal of national groups like the DGA puts the nail in the coffin for many campaigns.

This year could be different.

"You know there is a tremendous amount of investment that we are seeing from Texas donors in, not only the Davis campaign, but the Texas Democratic Party has seen a substantial in-flow of contributions to the party because of the investments we're making in infrastructure," Texas Democratic Party executive director Will Hailer said.

Hailers says national groups need to look beyond double digit poll deficits to see the party machinery is chugging along, even without national support.

"They're not going to see the Republicans, who are showing up in droves to talk to Senator Davis and Senator van de Putte, saying that this is going to be the first election in a long time that they have voted for a Democrat," Hailer said.

You can listen to the conversation from KUT on their website.


Spring Winds Leave their Mark/High winds leave aftermath of destruction

Skies over southeast Colorado have cleared of the choking dust propelled by high winds, but the effects are evident.  Prowers County residents are dealing with the aftermath of fallen trees and dumpsters scattered like bowling pins.  More about the storm and its lingering effects are available from the Prowers Journal.

High Plains Outdoors/Leon P Callaway


Lake Meredith to open new trails Saturday/More hiking and biking at Lake Meredith

New hiking and mountain biking trails open at Lake Meredith this weekend according to the Amarillo Globe-News.

Robert Maguire is the superintendent of Lake Meredith National Recreation Area and Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument.  He says, “The new trails are part of the park’s general management plan that has been under way for several years.”

The hiking trails are an intermediate difficulty level, having scenic views, switchbacks, steep climbs, down hills and steps. Mountain bike riders can find intermediate to advanced level single tracks in the trails.  Bikers should ride in control and must yield to hikers said Maguire.

There is no admission charge or user fee for the trails.  They are open every day of the year.  The new trail is called Harbor Bay.  The trailhead is located near the boat ramp, and can be access from Lake View Drive on the east side of Fritch.

Beginner trails are scheduled to open later this summer.