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Kansas Legislative leaders release block grant plan for K-12 Schools

Stephen Koranda

Republican leaders in the Kansas Legislature have unveiled a plan to toss out the current school funding formula and go to a block grant system for the next two years.

Republican Ty Masterson chairs the Senate’s budget writing committee. He says the bill would increase spending by $300 million for Kansas K-12 schools.

“And this is designed to created certainty over a period of time while a new formula can be developed. It’s predictable, stable and it will be flexible,” says Masterson.

Around half the funding increase would go to the state’s pension plan for school employees. Money would also go to help equalize property tax revenue between districts.

A spokesperson for the Kansas Association of School Boards, Mark Tallman, says there are still many details in the plan that need to be reviewed. He is questioning where the money for the funding increase will come from, as the state is currently facing a budget deficit.

Stephen Koranda is the Statehouse Bureau Chief for Kansas Public Radio.