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New Koch Book Yields Few Political Secrets

Bo Rader
Wichita Eagle

Readers who open Charles Koch’s second book hoping to find information about the CEO’s extensive political operation will be disappointed, reports The Wichita Eagle. Koch, along with his brother David, is one of the Republican party’s biggest donors and most powerful behind-the-scenes influencers. The Koch brothers’ efforts to impact elections nationwide have been the subject of much chatter among politicos and pundits.

But Koch’s new book Good Profit makes little effort to lift the veil and reveal the legislative and electoral machinations at the heart of the Koch operation. The only hint a reader might find that Koch is involved in partisan politics is a mention of the 153 death threats the tycoon received last year. Still, in a clear sign of the author’s rightist leanings, the book echoes Ayn Rand’s philosophy:  Koch defines self-interest as a power for good.