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Kansas Gun Dealer Anti-Discrimination Law Draws Criticism

M. Spencer Green
AP photo

A Kansas senate panel has put forth a bill that would make it illegal for banks and other businesses to discriminate against gun dealers. But the law is drawing criticism, reports The Wichita Eagle. Critics are upset that the Kansas legislature would propose a bill to protect discrimination of gun dealers, when officials will not amend the bill to protect other groups that are frequently discriminated against.

Planned Parenthood of Kansas asked why the bill couldn’t also protect organizations that offer health care for women. Planned Parenthood has found itself the subject of frequent discrimination in the state.

Likewise, Equality Kansas Director Thomas Witt recommended amendments that would include protection for sexual orientation and gender identity. Kansas used to have a law barring discrimination on sexual orientation and gender identity for public employees during hiring and promotions. But last year Republican Gov. Sam Brownback rescinded the legislation.