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Kansas Bills Limit Accomodations for Transgender Students


Two new bills introduced in the Kansas Legislature would require transgender students at public schools and colleges to use restrooms, showers and locker rooms for their birth sex, reports The Kansas City Star. Both transgender bills are identical, but one was introduced to the House by the Federal and State Affairs Committee and the other was introduced to the Senate by the Ways and Means Committee. Both insist schools and colleges must limit bathrooms to use by a single gender.

They define sex as "determined by a person's chromosomes." The measures would allow parents to request special accommodations such as unisex bathrooms.

Transgender-rights activists decried the proposals. Tom Witt, executive director of Equality Kansas, said, “All this is going to do is . . . isolate trans kids in high school and . . . make them vulnerable to attack, bullying, injury or possibly worse.”