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Lone Star State Lighter Shade of Red This Election


Texas, home to two of the country’s most recent Republican presidents, George Bush and his son, George W. Bush, and one of the most conservative states in the country, is a toss-up in this year’s presidential election.

"Business Insider" last week reported that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton are neck and neck in the Lone Star State, where Republicans have won in the past four presidential elections.

According to the RealClear Politics’ poll, Texas joins Nevada, Arizona, Minnesota, Iowa, Ohio, North Carolina, George and Florida as toss-up states in this year's presidential election.

According to a "FiveThirtyEight" article, University of Houston and SurveyMonkey polls conducted within the past two weeks show Trump leading Clinton in Texas by between two to three percentage points.  

The FiveThirtyEight story reported that George W. Bush in 2004 won almost half of the state’s Latino vote -- a group largely turned off by Trump's rhetoric during this year's election cycle.