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Gubernatorial Election Presents Another Opportunity For Kansans To Reject Brownbackism

Kansas City District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Wikimedia Commons

Next year’s Kansas gubernatorial election is already shaping up to be a fascinating and unusual contest, reports The Garden City Telegram.

News recently broke that former Wichita Rep. Mark Hutton will announce his candidacy, and that brings the total number of gubernatorial candidates to 11.

Much of the focus on the race comes from the possibility that the election will present another opportunity for voters to reject the policies of Gov. Sam Brownback, who has become one of the two least popular governors in America.-

When it comes to abysmal polling numbers, Brownback trails only New Jersey’s Chris Christie. Last year’s Kansas legislative elections, which brought a number of moderate Republicans to power, were also widely viewed as a repudiation of Brownback’s policies. 2018’s race for Governor now has a dynamic field of candidates in the running, including seven Republicans and four Democrats.