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By The Numbers: How Successful Was Oklahoma’s Special Session?

Serge Melki
Wikimedia Commons

The special session of the Oklahoma Legislature ended 10 days ago, and Oklahoma Watch has publisheda look at some of the session’s statistics.

The session lasted 54 days, during which 194 measures were proposed. Out of those 194 bills, a total of four became law—though one of those four successful measures—the budget bill—was line-item vetoed by Governor Mary Fallin.

When the special session began, the state was facing a potential budget shortfall of $215 million. By the end of the session, that number had been brought down to $118 million, though if no new revenue bills are passed soon, that number could balloon to $600 million by 2019.

During the session, lawmakers rejected a total of almost a billion dollars’ worth of additional revenue over the next two years.

There are now only 70 days until the regular 2018 legislative session begins.