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Despite Efforts In Panhandle And Elsewhere, “Empower Texans” Did Little Damage In 2018 Primaries

Texas City Prairie Preserve
Wikimedia Commons

During the primary elections in the Texas Panhandle this year much was heard about a heavily funded far-right group called Empower Texans, and how the group was trying to meddle in Panhandle elections. Republicans like State Congressman Four Price and State Senator Kel Seliger were targeted by the group, who funded primary challengers to try to torpedo these lawmakers’ re-election bids.

This wasn’t just happening in the Panhandle, either—Empower Texans employed their hardball tactics in races across the state. And they came up mostly empty-handed.

As The Texas Tribune notes, “no group got spanked harder Tuesday night than Empower Texans.” The group spent more money than any other super PAC in the state. But of the 16 candidates the group targeted statewide, only two were defeated.