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Oklahoma House Passes Bill That Would Allow Adoption Agencies To Reject Gays On Religious Grounds

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In the wake of last week's controversial passage of a bill that would allow Oklahoma citizens to carry guns without any kind of permit or license, the Oklahoma House of Representatives passed another controversial bill that would allow adoption agencies to reject gay couples and other couples deemed unfit for parenthood on the basis of religious faith.

As the online political newspaper The Hill reports, if the bill were to become law, it would mean that adoption agencies would legally be allowed to turn down gay couples, single mothers, and interfaith couples who would otherwise be seen as worthy options for parenthood, simply because those parents do not meet the standards of the agency's moral or religious convictions.

Religious groups cheered the bill's passage, which now moves on to the State Senate for approval. 

One Oklahoma LGBTQ advocate called the bill “heartless and unamerican.”