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Colorado Gubernatorial Campaign Pegged As Priciest In History ... But There's No Way To Know

Wikimedia Commons

The Colorado governor’s campaign is being pegged as the most expensive campaign in the state’s history but because of the way candidates are spending their money, it may not be information that is readily available. contracts, the level of spending likely won’t be made public.

As Colorado Public Radioreports, many of the state’s gubernatorial candidates have super PACs raising money to buy ads, much of them on TV. Because TV stations aren’t required by the FCC to disclose those.

Democrat Jared Polis’s campaign spending is public record because he doesn’t have a PAC.

But almost nothing is known about how PACs supporting his fellow Democratic challengers, Mike Johnston and Cary Kennedy, are spending money.

The same is true on the Republican side, where Victor Mitchell is self-funding, and all of his ads are reported by stations. But Mitchell’s challengers, Walker Stapleton and Doug Robinson, have PAC support, and those TV ad contracts aren’t posted.