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Eastern Colorado Enhances Veterans' Health Care Options

Prowers Journal

The Veteran’s Health Administration is enhancing eastern Colorado’s Veteran’s Choice Program, reports The Prowers Journal.The new eligibility changes will address excessive burdens veterans may face in order to receive VA care. The changes will impact clinics located in Lamar, La Junta, Burlington and Salida.

Veterans enrolled in the VA health care system who live less than 40 miles’ driving distance from a clinic may be able to qualify for the Veteran’s Choice Program. As a veteran, you can also apply for a specific episode of care to be considered under Unusual and Excessive Burden criteria. These burdens may include geographic challenges, environmental factors, medical conditions and the nature of some care.

If you’re a veteran enrolled at a VA site that doesn’t have a full-time primary care physician, regardless of driving distance, you’re also eligible for health care services under the 40-mile provision of the Choice Program.