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Colorado Residents Say Wind Farms Are Making Them Sick

Christian Murdock
The Gazette

Citizens of El Paso County in Colorado have grown increasingly concerned about the presence of wind turbines in the area, reports The Gazette.

County residents have accused the local energy company, NextEra, of causing various health problems. Complaints include headaches, nausea and dizziness, as well as inaudible, low-frequency sound waves known as infrasound, and a phenomenon known as shadow flicker.

They also say their chickens have stopped laying eggs, and even attest that the turbines are responsible for the death of a horse. The grievances resulted in a lawsuit last year, which has since been dismissed. “Just the spinning all the time makes me sick to my stomach,” said one local woman. An El Paso County spokesman, said in an email that many of the claims “are undeniably false.”