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Texas Proposes Paying for IUDs in the Delivery Room

Shefali Luthra
Kaiser Health News

If you’re a low-income Texas woman, the state might now pay for you to have an IUD put in, reports The Texas Tribune.

The State of Texas is working to rebuild its women’s health programs. But the task is an uphill climb. It’s been five years since Texas cut funds for family planning clinics affiliated—even loosely—with abortion providers. Now the state is hoping to curb unintended pregnancies. To do that, Texas is trying to increase low-income women’s access to birth control.

To that end, Texas is one of nearly two dozen states changing their Medicaid programs to pay hospitals for inserting an IUD or contraceptive implant in the delivery room. The state is hoping the upfront investment in contraception will pay off in savings down the road on other, more expensive welfare programs. IUDs are reversible and 99 percent effective. But the high price tag has kept many low-income people from using the devices.