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In Texas Schools, Creationism Could Be on Its Way Out

Kelly Caminero
The Daily Beast

It could soon be illegal to teach Creationism in Texas public schools.

The Lone Star State’s move away from Creationism began in September, The Daily Beast reports. That’s when a group of educators was chosen by the Texas Education Agency to streamline the state’s science curriculum. In the process of cleaning up the state curriculum, the educators removed four passages that contained creationist language. The education panel wasn’t afraid to call the creationist passages in the state curriculum scientifically inaccurate.

“Evidence does not have sides,” the panel declared.

These changes could be made permanent as a result of this month’s election. In the Education Board primaries Kevin Ellis, a moderate Republican replaced Mary Lou Bruner, a far right Republican. Bruner had been protective of the creationist language. Ellis hasn’t stated his position on the issue.