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With President Trump, School Vouchers May Be Coming to Texas

Evan Vucci
AP photo/Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Proponents of private school vouchers and charter school expansion in Texas may have reason to celebrate once Donald Trump takes office in January.

Trump’s education policy plans mostly remain shrouded in mystery. But, as The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports, the president-elect has indicated that one of his first priorities will be to reform what he calls “school choice.”

The changes would allow parents to tap public money to send their children somewhere besides traditional public schools. The so-called “School Choice and Education Opportunity Act” would allow parents to utilize federal dollars to send their kids to public, private, charter, magnet, religious or home schools of their choice.

Most teacher groups are strongly opposed to school voucher programs. Texas State Teachers Association spokesman Clay Robison says his group “will continue to fight vouchers very, very strongly because they’re a bad idea.” One West Texas teacher agreed, saying: “I think big business being the backbone of education doesn’t work out well.”