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Better Business Bureau warns of new phone scam

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If a telemarketer calls and asks, ‘Can you hear me,’ either hang up or avoiding saying ‘yes’ because the caller may record the response and use it to sign you up for unwanted services or products.

AsThe Kansas City Star reports, a scam that targets people over the phone works by making a recorded call from someone who introduces themselves and a business they claim to represent. The recording then asks if the caller can hear them clearly by saying, “Can you hear me?” according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

A scam artist may be behind the call recording the answer ‘yes,’ and then using it to sign the victim up for a service or product, and may later demand payment for the service or product by using the recorded affirmative response to confirm the purchase agreement.

Recent reports identify the caller as being from a home security agency, a cruise line or associated with social security, according to the BBB.

The BBB recommends that people receiving similar, unsolicited calls to hang up and avoid responding with a ‘yes,’ ‘sure,’ or ‘OK.’

Scammers have also been known to ask their victims if they want to be placed on the Do Not Call Registry, which also requires a positive response. The best course of action in that scenario is to hang up without replying.

The BBB reminds people that a government agency will not solicit for the Do Not Call Registry.