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Study finds 1 in 4 Texas schools offer no sex education

Todd Wiseman
Texas Tribune

A new study has found that four out of five schools in Texas offer no sex education at all, or opt instead for strict abstinence education.

As The Texas Tribune reports, the study by the left-leaning Texas Freedom Network discovered that 25 percent of Texas school districts offer students no sex education of any kind.

Of the remaining school districts, three quarters tell students to simply abstain from sex but fail to offer any further guidance. The remaining school districts also stress abstinence, which is required under Texas law, but they teach students about birth control as well.

The number of school districts offering no sex ed has leapt dramatically in recent years. Only eight years ago, the number was two percent. Now, a full quarter provide no sexual education at all.

Texas is tied with New Mexico for fourth nationwide in teen birth rates.