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As college tuitions rise, Texas legislators slash student-aid funding

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Higher education tuitions have been rising lately in Texas. But financial aid packages haven’t been increasing to keep up with the hefty cost of college, reports the Texas Tribune.

Texas lawmakers say they understand that helping students obtain college degrees is vital to the state’s economic future. But the legislative evidence doesn’t seem to be backing up their words.

In the last few years, the Republican-led Texas Legislature has reduced or eliminated a number of financial-aid programs.

For example, take the TEXAS Grant, which is the state’s main method of helping low-income students. It was designed years ago to pay the full price of tuition and fees for indigent students. Today, it only covers a little over half.

Texas also has another program that requires universities to set aside 15 percent of any revenue from tuition increases for financial aid. That program is set to be eliminated next year.