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Texas senate proposes slashing pre-K funding

Ella's Dad
Creative Commons

The Texas Senate has put the statewide pre-K program on the chopping block, reports KXAN.

The most recent Senate budget plan shows significant funding cuts for the pre-K grant proposal, which is backed by Gov. Greg Abbott.

The grant plan was initiated two years ago, after lawmakers declared state prekindergarten funding to be in a state of emergency. The Governor’s grants would put well over $100 million toward high-quality Pre-K across Texas.

Last week education advocates traveled to Austin to urge lawmakers not to scuttle the pre-K grants.

Retired Navy admiral Jud Scott was among the pre-K supporters at the capital. “We need them, our military needs them, our country needs them, we also need these kids to succeed in life,” Scott said.

There are currently about 220,000 Texas children participating in the program, statewide.