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Proposed Legislation In Colorado Would Take Battle Against Human Trafficking To The Road

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Colorado is taking its battle against human trafficking to the road.

As The Denver Post reports, proposed legislation in Colorado would use the eyes and ears of the road – truckers – to battle the state’s growing battle with human trafficking.

The proposal to be considered next year would require all new commercial driver’s license candidates in the state to take a course that would teach them how to identify the tell-tale signs of trafficking – and what to do if they spot them.

Several other states have enacted similar efforts that the trucking industry says has shown success.

But some trucking companies in Colorado are already training drivers how to identify the signs of labor or sex trafficking when out on the road or at motels, as well as the means to contact law enforcement officials to report what they’ve seen.

The formal process being proposed would ensure that nearly all commercial truck drivers would have those skills.

Workers in other industries, like hotels and airlines, are also being trained on how to recognize human trafficking.