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Multiple Cases Of West Nile Virus Confirmed In Kansas Horses

Courtesy - Centers For Disease Control and Prevention

Multiple cases of West Nile virus (WNV) have been confirmed in horses across Kansas over the past few weeks.

According to the Kansas Department of Agriculture Division of  Animal Health, 10 confirmed cases have been reported in Lyon, Marion, Neosho, Seward and Wichita counties.

KDA Spokeswoman Heather Lansdowne said there may be other infected horses that haven’t yet been tested. 

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment in July said half the state was at high risk for West Nile virus – largely because of weather conditions and an abundance of Culex mosquitoes, the primary carriers of WNV.

The virus cannot be passed from horse to horse or from horses to humans. It is a preventable disease through annual vaccinations, but none of the infected horses had records of WNV vaccinations.

Horses infected with WNV may have the following symptoms: depression, loss of appetite, fever, lack of coordination, weakness, inability to rise and hypersensitivity to touch and sound.

The KDA suggests horses displaying any or all of those symptoms to contact a veterinarian immediately.