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Bombshell Guardian Story Details Decades Of Abuse At Boys Ranch

Billy Hathorn
Wikimedia Commons

An explosive new report in the British newspaper The Guardian details a culture of physical and sexual abuse that lasted for decades at Boys Ranch, the famed home for at-risk youth located northwest of Amarillo.

Eight former residents of the ranch described their abuse to The Guardian’s journalists, telling of systemic abuse that lasted from the 1950s into at least the early 1990s. They allege that the abuse affected hundreds of children who went through the ranch.

The men specifically named Lamont Waldrip, the long-serving superintendent of Boys Ranch, as one of the worst perpetrators. Boys Ranch recently renamed a new dormitory after Waldrip, and the Ranch’s current CEO Dan Adams has not fully acknowledged the possibility that Waldrip was a serial abuser, saying instead that other boys had had “very different experiences” with him and “admired and liked” him.