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Statement From KRCC On Partnership With Colorado College, Colorado Public Radio

For decades, KRCC has served Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico with rigorous and award-winning reporting, impactful storytelling, cultural events and thoughtful music curation. KRCC's mission is to serve those seeking knowledge and an authentic connection to Southern Colorado and the world at large.

Today we announce that Colorado College and Colorado Public Radio have entered into an agreement where KRCC will be affiliated with, and operated by, Colorado Public Radio in partnership with Colorado College. KRCC will remain identified as KRCC and Colorado College will retain KRCC's broadcast license.

KRCC will continue to be staffed in Colorado Springs. Additional resources will allow us to complete and move into our future location at 720 N. Tejon St., increase our news coverage, and have broader distribution for KRCC news.

KRCC's success is evident everywhere you look. Over the past four years, we have grown our news team from one person to four, experienced record membership and listener growth, pursued successful partnerships including the Mountain West News Bureau, and brought eclectic DJ-driven music to the airwaves. We serve our Southern Colorado audience with passion and integrity, and with an eye toward furthering community engagement and civil discourse.

KRCC is firmly supported by the very community it serves. We are proud to be member-supported public radio, and we sincerely thank each and every member, listener, and local business from Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico who contribute to our success as a station.

As we embark on this new chapter, our sincere hope is that KRCC continues to be your source for great local news, smart entertainment, and DJ-driven music that you cannot find anywhere else. Our mission and our focus will now be broader, but our commitment is to keep the community we serve always first.

Read the press release from Colorado College and Colorado Public Radio here.

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