Listening to HPPR via the Web

You can listen to HPPR live or on-demand via the web through various digital devices.

Live Streaming

HPPR provides live audio streams for on-line listening thorugh your computer in two common audio formats.  Just click on your choice of link to listen now:

Mobile app

HPPR can be heard on your iPhone by downloading the Public Radio Tuner app:


HPPR Features can be heard by podcast.  Click here to see a listing of available podcasts and subscribe to free downloads.

Note: HPPR does not provide podcasts of its music programs because a podcast involves audio being downloaded to your personal computer, smart phone or MP3 player and the recording industry’s copyright and music licensing restrictions currently make it very difficult to produce a legal podcast that includes music.  NPR and other public radio stations are negotiating with the recording industry to be able to include music in podcasts, but until then we are unable to podcast any copyrighted music.