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Growing on the High Plains: Butterfly Garden—Part Two


Today we'll continue our two-part series that offers tips on for how to summon the "flying flowers" to your garden. Because the more butterflies you have flitting around, the more lively the garden experience.

Making your garden a welcome space for butterflies can be quite easy. Most of the more desirable plants on which they feed tend to grow well in our High Plains region, so check out today's segment to hear which plants they dig the most. And be aware that some of those plants—like parsley, dill, and fennel—are ones that you might have been growing for your OWN consumption!

Years ago Skip Mancini left the rocky coast of Northern California to return to her roots in the heartland. Her San Francisco friends, concerned over her decision to live in a desolate flatland best known for a Hollywood tornado, were afraid she would wither and die on the vine. With pioneer spirit, Skip planted a garden. She began to learn about growing not only flowers and vegetables, but hearts and minds. If you agree that the prairie is a special place, we think you'll enjoy her weekly sojourns into Growing on the High Plains.