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KCSE-FM 91.7 in Lamar is back on the air!
The satellite receiver that failed on Monday has been replaced and KCSE is now operating normally. Out apologies for the service disruption and our thanks for your understanding.
If you have question about KCSE or any of HPPR's transmitter sites, contact cspringer@hppr.org, HPPR's chief engineer.

High Plains Outdoors: Greenville Event

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Luke talks about last week's Greenville event and how you could possibly start your own.

In this week's show, Luke discusses the recent outdoor Revendezvous in Greenville Texas. He also spends some time discussing ways you can get such an event going in your area. Oh yes, there is also a bit of talk about the spring white bass run, occurring in a stream or river near you!