After Repeated Discrimination Rulings, Texas May Be Forced To Clear Election Laws With Feds

Aug 27, 2017

Credit whiteafrican / Flickr Creative Commons

A federal judge may soon require the State of Texas to send all requests for election law changes through the Federal Government for approval.

As The Huffington Post reports, in the last couple of weeks, federal courts have ruled in three separate cases that Republican lawmakers intentionally redrew Texas congressional districts to discriminate against minorities.

In fact, since 2011, federal courts have handed down nine separate rulings admonishing Texas for its discriminatory election districts. Now, Texas is on the brink of being placed back under federal oversight. Over the next few months, a U.S. district judge will hear arguments on the issue. One important factor in the case will come down to whether the judge believes Texas is likely to discriminate against minority voters in the future. This could go hard for Texas, given that the state has lost nine discrimination cases in the past six years.