Amarillo’s Robert E. Lee Elementary To Be Renamed Simply “Lee Elementary”

Jan 23, 2018

Credit Céréales Killer / Wikimedia Commons

The Amarillo Independent School District has voted to shorten the name of Robert E. Lee Elementary School, reports The Amarillo Globe-News.

The school will now be known simply as Lee Elementary School. The school’s name had been a touch point in the community, where many parents felt that the school being named after a Confederate General would ostracize students of color.

The decision to rename the school as simply “Lee Elementary” drew ire from some observers, who felt the school board had done “the least amount possible” to fix the naming problem.

One critic carped that the board had managed “that rare decision that will make everyone mad,” while another local parent said she hoped to vote out the four board members who wanted to keep Lee’s name on the school. The name change was carried on a 4-3 vote.

The three dissenters were in favor of changing the name but wanted General Lee’s name completely removed from the school.