Colorado Health Co-Op Folds

Nov 13, 2015

Rick and Letha Heitman, of Centennial are customers of the cooperative Colorado HealthOP, which is folding.Credit John Daley / CPR NewsEdit | Remove

In regional news, last month a Colorado consumer-oriented health insurance cooperative known as Colorado HealthOP folded. And that’s bad news for more than 80,000 Coloradans, reports Colorado Public Radio. These residents are now suddenly faced with the unexpected task of having to sign up with a new health insurer. But Colorado's health insurance exchange, Connect for Health Colorado, feels like the transition to another provider will be smooth for most families.

Michelle Lueck, the head of the Colorado Health Institute, admits that some of Colorado’s reforms were bound to fail. The state has cut its uninsured rate in half in recent years, but in taking on so much reform, it's not surprising some efforts might falter. Still, she is convinced the insurance market can handle enrolling the co-op’s former members.