Colorado Sees a Boom in Wind Energy

Nov 1, 2016

Credit Kathleen Lavine / Denver Business Journal

Wind energy is booming in Colorado, reports the Denver Business Journal.

In fact, 14 percent of the state’s power now comes from wind, according to data from the U.S. Department of Energy. And the Centennial State isn’t alone; wind power is surging in many parts of the country.

Colorado is one of 11 states across the country that now get at least 10 percent of their total electricity from wind farms. Compare that with ten years ago, when there were only three such states.

Iowa is the nation’s wind leader, with 31 percent of the state’s power being derived from wind farms. And Texas isn’t far behind, with almost a quarter of that state’s energy coming from wind.

Things don’t appear to be slowing down, either. The percentage of wind-based power in the United States has risen every year since 2001.