Debate on Concealed Carry Bill Centers on Lowering Age to Carry a Gun in Kansas

Mar 13, 2019
Originally published on March 12, 2019 12:55 pm

Lawmakers are considering whether Kansas should recognize concealed weapons permits from other states. But for both sides, the real issue is people under 21 carrying concealed guns.

In Kansas, almost anyone over 21 can carry a concealed weapon without a permit. Concealed weapons permits are still available, but aren’t needed anymore to carry a concealed gun.

Recognizing permits from other states could allow even younger people to have a hidden gun. Multiple states allow people under 21 to carry a concealed weapon.

Opponents like Lene Carttar Brooke said that could mean more guns on Kansas college campuses.

“We want our college campuses to be as safe as possible, and more guns means more gun violence,” she said.

The Kansas State Rifle association said it doesn’t make sense for 18-year-old Kansans to be barred from carrying guns when they can serve in the military.

“They can go fight for their country, they can die for their country,” Jason Watkins told a committee on behalf of the KSRA.

The group wants the bill amended to recognize out-of-state permits but also allow Kansans to get a concealed weapons permit at age 18.

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