Deceased Mountain Lion Found In North Central Kansas

Feb 4, 2019

Bird hunters made an unusual find in north central Kansas last week.

According to a Facebook post from Kansas Wildlife, Parks & Tourism, a group of bird hunters found a deceased female mountain lion in Rooks County on Thursday.

As the Wichita Eagle reports, there is no breeding population of mountain lions in Kansas. The last confirmed sighting was in 2007 in Barber County and prior to that, in 1904, according to the wildlife department’s website.

A Facebook post by a hunter claiming to have found the cat said it appears the cat was shot roughly a week before with a shotgun. The cat’s front-left paw was missing and appeared to be sawed off, the man said.

According to the wildlife department’s website, there is no hunting season for mountain lions in Kansas, and they aren’t to be killed “without reason,”

Game wardens are investigating the big cat’s death.