Food License Grace Period Ending For Some Oklahoma CBD, Marijuana Businesses

Apr 29, 2019
Originally published on April 25, 2019 1:24 pm

The grace period for medical marijuana and CBD businesses making or selling food products without a food license ends Friday, April 26.

Edibles like infused waters, brownies and candies are popular items at many medical marijuana and CBD businesses. The Oklahoma State Department of Health considers them all food products, and, under state law, anyone who makes or sells food has to get a license.

"This isn’t anything new, it’s not anything different or special for Medical Marijuana or CBD," says Tony Sellars, the communications director for the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

Sellars been reminding businesses to get a food license since February.

Without a license, medical marijuana and CBD businesses could risk getting fined. The start up costs for the license adds up to $850. After that, owners will need to renew it every year for around $300.

Businesses needing to obtain a medical marijuana or CBD food license can go to for more information.

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