Growing on the High Plains: Edible Flowers

Aug 30, 2018

Please, please DON'T eat the daisies—just the calendula, hibiscus, lavender...

Today's Growing on the High Plains peels back the petals and puts them right on you plate. That's right, we'll chew on the murky history of eating floral fodder, from its medieval and herbal medicinal roots to its modern application in haute cuisine.

Supping on blossoms might not be new, but one must beware of poisonous plants. Therefore, we'll cover how to safely select and prepare these foraged florals for the plate. From squash blossom lasagna bites to bee balm soup, there are countless ways to incorporate your flower garden into your kitchen. Remember: Whether or not you CAN eat them, you might want to give them a nibble to see if you SHOULD eat them. Not all edible flowers are delicious!