Growing on the High Plains: Field Trip to Dyck Arboretum

Aug 23, 2018

A trip to the Dyck Arboretum is always worth the drive!

"Maybe seeing the Plains is like seeing an icon: what seems stern and almost empty is merely open, a door into some simple and holy state." —Kathleen Norris 

On today's Growing on the High Plains, I'd like to share a recent field trip I made in April to the Dyck Arboretum of the Plains in Heston, KS. This natural museum has held a special place in my heart for years, so I wanted to make sure the girls who help me in my garden were also able to experience it firsthand.

Founded by Harold and Evie Dyck in 1981, the arboretum spans 13 acres that comprise the current gardens. native plants and grasses, ponds, wildlife, and outdoor prairie art that features. I encourage you to visit their website for more information about upcoming events, including thier Fall plant sale, the Prairie Window Concert Series, and the forthcoming FloraKansas Native Plant Festival.