Growing on the High Plains: The Spectacular, Low-Maintenance Bromeliad

Oct 11, 2018

Bromeliads, like High Plains Public Radio, need a little attention from time to time! Call now with your support: 1.800.678.7444!

Not many things in life come easy. So when I first learned of a hearty houseplant with glorious blooms that didn't need much attention, I thought it might be a thing of fables.  On today's edition of Growing on the High Plains, I will extol the many benfits of the beautiful bromeliad — and how, not unlike High Plains Public Radio, we can all nurture and grow it with just a little effort and some occastion seed money. 

During the station's Fall Membership Campaign, your public radio station needs your care and attention. Please join today with a new membership, or renew with an additional gift of support. Together, we can keep public radio growing on the High Plalins. Click here, or call our volunteers at 1.800.678.7444. Thank you!