Growing on the High Plains: Water Woes

Jan 25, 2018

Almost a month into the year, and our plants keep pining for precipitation.

Every High Plains gardener knows that moisture maintenance can be a trying task in the unpredictable weather patterns of our region--and that's as true for our wild winters as it is for the sweltering heat of summer.

To ensure we all make "every drop count," today's episode of Growing on the High Plains will share some smart tips about winter watering, culled from a master gardener. How much is enough for shrubbery, native grasses, fruit trees, and shelter belts? What's the best method for soaking those thirsty roots? And what should you do when cheeky coyotes start chompin' on your drip line?

 Follow this advice and your garden will be none the wiser that our forecast has none of the water.