Help close the "COVID Gap"

Sep 8, 2020

There’s one thing you’ve heard less of on HPPR in recent months – days of on-air fundraising.  Since February we’ve reduced those days by about two-thirds of the usual, so that we could keep the programming coming to you uninterrupted and stay focused on maintaining operations during a difficult time.

But less direct on-air fundraising has meant a shortfall  in membership income since February.  Meanwhile, HPPR has continued full operations throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and the operating expenses have kept running, month after month, leaving a financial gap as we near the end of our fiscal year on September 30th.  It amounts to a "Covid-gap" for HPPR.

It’s a gap that needs to be covered to maintain service to you and the region and one you can help cover with your membership support. Contributing now will let us know you’re with us - whether as a first-time supporter, a renewing member or someone willing to do something extra at this time to ensure public radio stays healthy on the High Plains.  Click here to contribute now.  Thank you!